How Writing Task Contributes to Improvement of Reading Skills

Reading and writing are the two significant elements of the Three R’s, and most of the time they are considered to be as one. However, while they might be closely related, reading and writing are distinct, and each has its own characteristics, which makes it necessary for learners to focus on them. It would not be wrong to say that reading and writing influence each other and also play a significant role in boosting learners’ knowledge and understanding of the language.

According to experts of a dissertation writing service, writing tasks contribute to the improvement of reading skills in several ways. The connection between writing and reading is a strong one, and with the right strategies, writing can be used for enhancing reading. Recent studies also point out in the same direction and show that well-planned writing programs can increase reading comprehension among students.

What Is Reading All About?

Reading skills consist of a variety of skills that are very useful in all aspects of life. Having strong command over the reading ability can help you interpret and find meaning in everything you read. As you continuously work on and improve these skills, you can also develop your ability to communicate effectively with others and write well too. Reading skills help us read, comprehend, interpret and decode written language and texts.

Expert reading skills are highly beneficial for assimilating and responding to written communications like emails, messages, letters, and other written messages and ensure effective written communication too.  Not only this, but reading skills also work with several other skills to develop overall literacy skills such as comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, and strategies that help readers interpret and find meaning in texts. Literacy encompasses much of what we do that it becomes a critical skill to possess, both in personal as well as professional life. Learners must understand what reading skills are all about, how they can be improved and how writing tasks contribute to improving reading.

The Connection Between Writing And Reading – How Writing Helps With Reading:

Reading and writing are connected. It is because the processes between the development of each skill are interwoven and when students are taught symbols that represent speech or more commonly known as letters, it is in the written form. We see a letter; we recognize that it refers to a specific sound. In this sense, reading is the act of decoding. What we see in the written form is the foundation of what we speak or hear in speech.   When students are encoding or writing, the process relies on the ability to identify sounds.

To first speak a word, the learner has to first identify the three separate phenomena for each and then use fine motor skills to write the word. Experts believe that teachers need to work with students closely to help them realize the connection between writing and reading, and they can enhance their skills by focusing on them smartly and understanding them. Students also need to be made aware of the grammar and spelling rules, and how they should use strong cognitive structures necessary for reading.

Writing also gives a head start on handwriting, spelling, punctuation, and other concepts of print. Starting to write at an early stage means that students get more chances to learn to practice handwriting, to learn to spell, to learn to punctuate, and to think about many of the conventions of printed text that help in becoming successful readers.

Tips On How Writing Can Be Used For Improving Reading Skills:

Writing can be rightly called the power workout of the brain.  Young minds grow rapidly and writing is perhaps the best brain workout they can get as it requires the skills of reading, logical skills of math and science, small motor coordination, and even some emotional intelligence to work things out. All this exercise helps in reading as the right skills put together to good use can offer amazing results for the teachers as well as the learners.

Writing also conveys an interesting sense of understanding and ownership to readers. As it involves working with the words and ideas and others, it gives great pleasure to readers to go through what ideas have been expressed by others and make out what they like in them. The following exercises with writing can help to improve reading skills in students. They include:

Assigning small paragraphs for students for them to write and then read aloud when they have written. It will help students connect with what they have said, how they are conveying the message, and if it sounds good to the ears and impress others. The more they will write, the better they will get at reading as both are closely related tasks that rely on

Summarize Written Paragraphs Orally:

Trying to summarize what they have written orally is also an effective way to improve reading skills. The students learn how to read and what important details to pick while they are summarizing, and it can help them work on their writing as well as reading skills in the long run.  Getting to know the central idea behind what the writer is trying to say gives readers a chance to stress their brains and come up with the best answers.

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Encourage Students To Read Letters And Newspapers:

Reading newspapers and letters is a great way for students to understand what has been written and what message it is conveying. Letters and newspapers are short as compared to books and they contain the entire meaning in short paragraphs which is not only easy to comprehend but also delivers the meaning in few words. The more they read, the more new words, terms, and phrases they will recognize, and it will enhance their vocabulary, enhancing their interest in reading and giving them a chance to become good at what they are doing.

Writing tasks contribute greatly to the improvement of reading skills. It is up to the teachers and parents to understand how they can play a crucial role in helping their pupils work out the right way and develop reading skills that add value to their academic and professional careers.